5 Tips to Avoid Running Injuries
June 28, 2018


Recently Dr. Gary Voytik was awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the Tennessee Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association at their annual conference in Murfreesboro.

Voytik has been the team doctor for Cleveland High School, Cleveland Middle School, Ocoee Middle School, Bradley Central High School and Walker Valley High School for the past 15 years. He has provided trainers for each school, performs free physicals for area athletes each year and also attends home games to provide medical care to any injured athlete. He has also provided equipment for training rooms and has helped to install a state of the art training facility in the new Raider Arena.

Always looking to help out his community, Voytik treats student-athletes who are in tight financial situations at no cost, and regularly treats coaches for injuries and health issues as well.

“Gary’s services to the athletic community have been invaluable. He is always willing to support local athletics financially and medically and is a blessing to our community,” said CMS athletic administrator Scott Carroll.

Voytik is a leader in the region in concussion assessment and treatment, having recently finished specialized training and education required to become the first credentialed ImPact consultant in Cleveland. By receiving the distinction of CIC, Voytik is now recognized as a highly trained expert in the use of ImPact products and the ImPact Concussion Care Model.

“It’s certainly our hope that with the increased awareness of concussions and neurocognitive data we have now, that we will minimize the number of athletes who experience neurocognitive issues when they are older,” Voytik said. “There are always going to be concussions, but hopefully we can minimize the effect.”